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Training Club

Join our unique Training Club Today & earn Credits you can apply towards one of our Training Seminars, or donate your Credits to another person.

Save up to 80% of your Seminar Fee

Step 1

Select the Seminar you want to share with your friends & colleagues.

Step 2

Complete the sign-up form.

Step 3

Share our Seminar with your friends & colleagues via eMail, Social Media, LinkedIn or WhatsApp

Step 4

Receive an email & earn 10% Credits of the course value every time one of your referrals books & pays for one of our seminars.

Step 5

Book & Pay for yourself or a 3rd party on any of our seminars.

Step 6

Receive your referral Cash Back 24 hours prior to the start of your seminar.

Share our Individual Seminars

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Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Share our Digital Marketing Boot Camp & earn 245 Credits every time one of your Contacts Book & Pay for a Seminar.

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Wordpress for Web Designers & Content Managers

Share our WordPress Course & earn 490 Credits every time one of your Contacts Book & Pay for a Seminar.

Training Club Terms & Conditions

How do I sign up?

1.  Our Training Club has a sharing system for every seminar we present. You select any one of all of our seminars and sign up for the sharing system.

2.  Once you are signed up to earn credits for a specific seminar, the system will display a sharing page for you where you will find your unique sharing code. This page will also include links to share our Seminar & Training Club with your friends & colleagues via Social Media, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or eMail.

3.  Every delegate who has booked on one of our seminars will receive an email with a link to join our Training Club and earn Credits.

How do I earn Credits?

4.  Every time one of your referrals books and pays for one of our seminars, you will receive a Credit which equals 10% of the specific seminar booking fee.

What happens when one of my referrals cancels their seminar booking?

5.  When a referral cancels their seminar, your credits will be reversed if we have to refund the delegate. 

Is there a limit to the Credits I can earn?

6.  You can earn unlimited credits with referrals.

Do I have to book for a seminar to be able to earn Credits?

7.  No, you can join the training club and earn Credits before you book for a seminar.

Who qualifies to join our Training Club & earn Credits?

8.  Only private individuals may join our Training Club. Companies may book and pay for your seminar, but not join the training club as an entity, as the company may have already received a volume discount upon booking a seminar.



How do I redeem my Credits?

9. Credits are payable in the form of a cash back when you book and pay for one of our seminars. All credits will be paid to delegates 24 hours prior to the start of the seminar.

How many of my Credits may I use per seminar?

10. Up to 80% of the current Seminar Fee may be redeemed as a Cash Back. However, you may redeem your existing Credits at any time.

May I use the Credits I earned for one seminar to book for a different Seminar?

11.  You may apply your Credits to any of our Seminars presented anywhere in South Africa

Will my Credits expire?

12. No, your Credits will stay active.

What happens to my Credits when I have redeemed them for a seminar?

13. Once your Credits have been used, your balance will be updated on your account so you can keep sharing and earn more Credits.

May I donate my Credits to a 3rd Party?

14.  Absolutely, your Credits may be used to book a seminar for a 3rd party.  You may elect who will receive your Cash Back. 

General Rules:

15.  Credits may only be earned from launch of our Training Club on 2 April 2019

16. Credits may only expire in the event of the company closing down or being sold to a 3rd party who elects to not continue with the training club.

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