Non-https:// Sites marked as not secure on Google Chrome from July 2018

Google has been trying for years to get Web Designers to publish securely hosted websites. Their deadline for conversion was end of Octóber 2017.  As part as an incentive to get web designers and companies to make this shift, Google has been hinting in the direction of “ranking boosts”when your site is securely hosted. In the meantime, some of the non converted website have already been affected – especially if you have an eCommerce site, where you may get a message on your screen that the site you are trying to access is non-secure.  This is not necessarily because the site is insecure, but purely because it is not securely hosted.

Google HTTPS

From July 2018, Google will start marking these non-https:// sites as Not-Secure.

This move will coincide with the release of Chrome 68 and will look like this in a user’s browser:

How do I upgrade my website to https://?

All web hosting companies offer SSL certificates with their hosting.  Sometimes your SSL certificate will be included in your hosting fee and in other cases you may have to pay an additional annual fee for your certificate.  Depending on the size, and amount of content on your website, this can be a huge undertaking or fairly simple process. Your web designer is the right guy for the job as there are quite a few steps involved in the conversion.

The Divine Project House has proudly been developing securely hosted websites since early 2016 and all our hosted sites were successfully converted to https:// by the deadline in October 2017.

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